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1. The major aim of this Journal (JTLS) is to provide opportunities to share our academic experiences in the form of written scholarly articles, in the areas of teaching and learning English as a foreign/second language,investigated by experts in the above fields across the board. This will give us a chance to exchange our ideas for more intellectual negotiation and interaction among colleagues inside and outside the country. The articles submitted to the journal must be written only in English following the guidelines found in this volume.

2. This journal is published quarterly by Shiraz University Press, Shiraz, Iran.

3. Authors are responsible for the content of their articles.

4. The Editorial Board reserves the right to accept or reject articles, to make all editorial changes as deemed necessary, and to arrange articles in the order which finds appropriate.

5. This journal may not be reprinted or duplicated without the written permission of the Editor-in-Chief.

6. Subscription rates:

a. Annual Student Rate: 100000 Rials in Iran, $30 abroad. (For 2 issues)

b. Annual Rate for Faculty Members and Government Employees: 100000 Rials in Iran, $52 abroad. (For 2 issues)

c. Annual Rate for Libraries and other Individuals: 120000 Rials in Iran, $120 abroad. (For 2 issues)

The Bank account number is 5724042998 & ID: 80000000072 Tejarat Bank, Shiraz University.