A Model of Speaking Strategies for EFL Learners

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Associate Professor Shiraz University, Shiraz

2 M. A., TEFL Shiraz University, Shiraz


This study intended to develop a model describing speaking strategies for EFL learners by taking into account the effects of learners’ gender and proficiency on the application of strategies. Accordingly, this study was planned to have two main analyses, namely qualitative and quantitative. In this respect, 30 EFL learners' viewpoints were sought, and then, based on the elicited responses, a 21-item speaking strategy questionnaire was developed and given to 210 EFL learners. To select a subset of common responses and remove the redundant ones, factor analysis was applied, and then 7 components were extracted. These components, dichotomized on the basis of the offline/online notions or the time of speaking, comprised a model describing speaking strategies. Parenthetically, the study revealed that EFL learners’ gender and level of proficiency do not affect their speaking strategy use.