Author = Jalilifar, Alireza
Number of Articles: 8
1. From Academic to Journalistic Texts: A Qualitative Analysis of the Evaluative Language of Science

Volume 37, Issue 1, Spring 2018, Pages 127-158

Alireza Jalilifar; Ali Bardideh; Zohreh, Shooshtari

3. A Multimodal Approach toward Teaching for Transfer: A Case of Team-Teaching in ESAP Writing Courses

Volume 35, Issue 4, Winter 2017, Pages 157-190

zohreh Gooniband Shooshtari; Alireza Jalilifar; Somaye Biparva Haghighi

4. Genre Analysis and Genre-mixing Across Various Realizations of Academic Book Introductions in Applied Linguistics

Volume 35, Issue 1, Spring 2016, Pages 111-138

Alireza Jalilifar; Zeinab Golkar Musavi

7. An Analysis of Iranian EFL Learners’ Dis-preferred Responses in Interactional Discourse

Volume 32, Issue 1, Spring 2013, Pages 19-44

Alireza Jalilifar; Roqayeh Dinarvand

8. Power and Politics of Language Use: A Survey of Hedging Devices in Political Interviews

Volume 30, Issue 3, Autumn 2011, Pages 43-66

Ali Reza Jalilifar; Maryam Alavi